5 Ways To Tidy Up Children’s Toys

When you ask children to tidy up and tidy their toys at self storage hk, you are teaching children about various things. You might not realize that trivial things provide other benefits. Children can learn to help each other, arrange toys and games into interesting activities that can be done together. The lesson is obtained by arranging toys, numeracy skills, sorting skills, grouping skills, and also the ability to share, to decide to give toys that are no longer in use. Here are some ways you can apply to tidy up children’s toys at home.

1. Determine the Game Area
Encourage children to discuss in determining the area of ​​play. Children may only play in the specified area. If he likes to draw or paint, he can only do it in that area.

Children can also find toys, painting equipment, and more easily. Everything is in the same place so that children can find easily.

2. Donate Toys to Other Children Or Orphanages
If there are too many children’s toy collections or there are toys that are no longer being played because the children have grown up, why not donate them to neighbors, friends, or children’s cousins.

Another option is to donate the toy to an orphanage or public playground. Who knows these toys are more useful.

3. Saving Toys Smartly
Toys with small shapes can be stored using a storage bin, children can find small toys easily. However, toys with medium to large size can be placed on the floor. If you can hang it, why not? If it’s too much, look for another way to save.

4. Placing Large Toys in a Special Place
Children certainly have toys in large shapes. The daughter has a dollhouse with all her knick-knacks. Boys have robotic toys, trains, and large cars. Give a special place to put toys in large shapes. Make sure children do not have toys like this in large quantities.

5. Routine Tidy Up Toys After Playing
Encourage the children to remember that play is not over unless the toy has returned to the storage area. So teach children to tidy up the toys after playing. Children need to be told if toys are always tidied up and stored properly, then the toys can be durable and long-lasting.

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