Meyer Mansion Condo Strategic Location You Need to Know

If you’re seeking for a condo with a strategic location, Meyer Mansion condo is great for you. This condo offers 250 unit apartments located in the East Coast of Singapore. You can find lots of amenities and facilities around the site. You don’t have to worry if you want to travel around the city, there is Katong Park MRT station that can be accessed by 6 to 7 minutes walk from the condo.

Before you wish to book the condo, here’s some information about the location around the condo.

The Location of Meyer Mansion Condo

1. The Reason

The East Coast of Singapore has known for its classiest areas to live in Singapore. There are reasons you should know about this. It was the town planning in colonial times, and zoning this part of Singapore. The East Coast was the place where the famous and rich had holiday houses and homes by the sea.

Another reason is its convenience to the central business district. Meyer Mansion condo located on the city fringe with 10 minutes drive from Raffles Place, Shenton Way, and the new financial district of Marina Bay. It is also linked almost directly by an expressway to reach Changi Airport.

The East Coast of Singapore has its undeniable charm, because it still retaining private landed housing estates and heritage shophouses, with few HBD flats around the area. So it will give a culture ambiance for bustling food scene and conserved shophouses.

2. Scenic Views

The East Coast Park and Beach are one of attraction of the Meyer Road, across the East Coast Parkway (ECP) expressway. Meyer Mansion fronts the sea and beach with only separated from by the ECP. The apartments get the traffic noise from the expressway, but the views make the condo popular.

That’s the information about the location of Meyer Mansion. It is a great idea for those who want to live in a condo with breathtaking views.

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