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The Difference Between Scroll Saw And Jigsaw

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If you are not a wood craftsman or a very experienced DIYer, some things might be confusing when shopping for electric carpentry tools. Usually, people use the terms jigsaw and scroll saw interchangeably. But this is not appropriate because both are different electrical devices. Although the application or function can sometimes replace each other. To find out the difference between Jigsaw and Scroll Saw, we should visit sawdigest.com and get to know the workings and functions of each.

Scroll saws are stationary table saws with fairly thin blades (about 1/8-inch or less). The blades on the scroll saw are clamped up and down in a swift and steady movement up and down. Scroll saws are suitable for cutting complex patterns and require high accuracy. This type of saw has many advantages. If you have something that requires very fine and complicated cutting, scrolling saws are your best choice. That makes some fine cuts and 90-degree cuts, sharp angles, and even waves should be easily produced with this saw. And that always leaves plenty of room for creativity and art. Compared to other types of electric saws, Scroll Saw does not cause enough noise because it does use a small dynamo motor.

Jigsaw is a power tool or saw that has narrow and straight blades about 3/8 inches. Unlike a Scroll Saw, the saw blade is clamped by a device at one end and the motor moves it in an up and down motion. There are many variants of Jigsaw and some are even powered by batteries so it is very portable and easy to move. Jigsaw saws have a very broad field of use because the blades can consist of various kinds so that they can cut wood, iron, plastic, and even ceramics. If you have a jigsaw, it’s probably one of the tools you use most often because it’s quite practical. When you have something to cut it is likely to use a jigsaw. You can’t always be sure what you need to cut with your saw so that the best for cutting different elements is the best. Jigsaw will cut everything from metal and wood to PVC, foam, and plastic. Jigsaw tools are lightweight and have almost no restrictions on where you can use them.