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This Is The Sadistic Witch Hunt In The UK And Czech

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In 1682, three women from the village of Bideford in Devon became the last person in England to be hung because of magic. It is not known what Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susannah Edwards did. They are suspected of making local women become ill and they were conspiring to kill them. Temperance Lloyd was forced to admit that he was dealing with ‘the black man’ or the devil’s version of folklore. Although the three of them pleaded guilty during their trial, they are still executed due to the accusation of them practicing black magic.

“Witch Bideford” was hung on Heavitree outside the city. Although the witch Bideford had long since died, their strange case is still being questioned. Modern English wizards have taken their destiny to heart. They made a plaque to Bideford Three and even held a demonstration near the local Exeter Castle, demanding that Temperance, Susannah, and Mary be posthumously forgiven.

Besides in England, in North Moravia, a region witnesses the history of sadistic witch hunts in the Czech Republic in the mid-17th Century. During that time, hundreds of women were burned at the stake as magicians, and one attempted magician could produce more than 100 executions. It is started when a boy witnessed an old woman stealing bread for offerings for her own.

When the priest asked the woman’s intentions, he explained that the woman would give the bread to the cow to increase milk production. The priest considers his behavior as a sign of magic and notifies the judge who specializes in the case.

Unfortunately, the justice system at that time actually generated income from the trial. When judges and courts punish more and more people for public arson, they get money. As a result, there are many ways to find more “magicians” to be tried and executed. Their method of finding new victims involved the gathering of shamans from “concerned citizens”

Eventually, the number of victims increased, so the regional authorities began to worry. With all their power as rulers, they began to put political pressure on the central government to stop the trial. This finally happened, and the people of North Moravia were left wondering how on Earth they had condoned brutal massacres for so long.