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Tips To Do Exterior Painting

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One way to do regular home maintenance is to paint the exterior walls of the building. Painting the outer walls – in addition to the beauty of finishing the building of the house – usually the priority is more focused on the function and its main needs, namely to protect the walls from dirt and the influence of the weather and so that the color does not fade easily. You can contact woodstock exterior painting right now.

Exterior paint on the market today is constantly undergoing improvements and more complete ingredients. For example, there are paints that have pigments and fillers that are resistant to weather and sunlight. There is also a type of half-gloss wall paint with basic materials that are very hard and rub resistant so that the surface is easy to clean from the attached dirt.

Another type, 100% acrylic shine paint with a water-based material that can be used to coat the surface of cement plaster and concrete outdoors. There is another paint with vinyl base material that is recommended for painting the outer walls, kitchens and bathrooms, parking lots, and other areas of the wall that are prone to getting dirty. If summarized as a whole, good exterior paint is as follows.

Has waterproof properties (rain and humidity),
Resistant to sunlight (fading),
Weather-resistant (waterproof-weatherproof),
Antifungal and Anti-fungal),
Not easy to peel off,
and is equipped with an anti-dust formula so the walls can stay clean for a longer period of time.

There is also an added anti-carbonation formula to increase wall durability, plus a guarantee or guarantee for several years from the paint manufacturer. Don’t be surprised if the price of exterior paint is more expensive than the price of interior paint. The reason is the content of exterior paint pigments are generally more than interior paint. With the price of pigments being relatively expensive, don’t be surprised if the price of exterior paint is even higher than the price of interior paint.