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Hartke Bass Attack, Economical Guitar Effects Mainstay of the Bassists

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Who is the bassist who doesn’t know the bass guitar pedal effect on this one? From the smallest musician class to the high-class class, there must be many who use the Hartke Bass Attack. The bass effect pedal, which is relatively small, is a mainstay of many people. You can find bass guitar buyer’s guide on our website.

Efficient and Space Saving
Its size is not too big and easy to carry everywhere making this product the right choice for you who often perform from stage to stage. Because it is easy to carry everywhere, naturally susceptible to damage. To minimize damage, Hartke has a unique breakthrough by designing this product that is visually strong and elegant.

Good Quality of Material
In general, this pedal cover is made of solid iron and stainless steel. The visual design has its own charm. The metallic black color is able to hypnotize our eyes to fall in love. In addition, knobs and buttons are made of sparkling stainless steel. A very perfect blend of metallic black and stainless steel makes us even more sure to choose this one product. Not only the visual appearance, but the quality of the Hartke Bass Attack cannot be doubted. In addition, the price of this product is very economical for the size of the pedal that has many benefits, you will not regret buying the Hartke Bass Attack to support your performance.

Hartke Bass Attack has its own uniqueness that can’t be found in all other bass guitar effects. What is special is the resulting tone there is little distortion or fuzz. So do not be surprised if many rock musicians wear this. The resulting distortion is also not too excessive so that it can be adjusted to the guitar tone if played together. To make Hartke Bass Attack alive, you can use various methods, namely 9V batteries, AC adapters, and phantom power, depending on the situation and conditions so that you can adjust the wishes of the musicians.