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The Sequence Of Film Quality Types From Best To Worst

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The order of types of film quality is something that must be known by film lovers. Especially if you like watching movies online using streaming services, such as gostream site. Because this type of film quality will greatly affect the comfort and excitement of watching your film. If the type is of poor quality, of course, even good films can be enjoyed click for source.

Therefore, it is better to watch this type of high-quality film with maximum viewing satisfaction. The following is the order of types of film quality:

– Bluray / BRRip quality

The best type of film quality is Bluray / BRRip quality. Bluray / BRRip is the highest quality for films. The picture and audio are very good. Bluray / BRRip has the highest resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p) and 1280×720 (720p), the greater the resolution the better the quality. If you want to download Bluray-quality movies, high computer specifications are needed because if the specifications are low the image will be broken or even can’t be watched.

– mHD (Mini / Micro HD)

The next type of film quality sequence is Mini HD or Micro HD. The quality of Mini / Micro HD films is of equivalent quality to Blu-Ray, but the size is reduced. Usually, Blu-Ray quality films are then reduced in size to be more efficient. The picture and sound are good and suitable for connoisseurs of films with limited quota.

– WEB-DL quality

Besides, the next type of film quality sequence is WEB-DL. WEB-DL is a quality that is almost equivalent to Bluray 720p, this quality is better than HDTV. The resolution available on WEB-DL is usually 720p and 1080p.

– HDRip and HDTV quality

Next, there is a sequence of types of HDRip and HDTV movie quality. Both of these qualities are worth watching because the picture and audio quality are very good even though the size is not too big. This quality is sourced on a TV recorded using recording equipment.

– DVDRip quality

DVDRip is a pretty good quality because this quality is taken from the original DVD that was officially released, so if watching a movie with DVDRip quality is the same as watching from a DVD cassette. In order of the type of quality of this film, just take the video. Extra features, audio commentaries, etc. are not taken, so the quality is the same as the original DVD.