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Most Common Types Of Knee Injury

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Anyone can get a knee injury. Be it young or old, professional athletes or ordinary people, all can be risky knee specialist los angeles. This injury can occur when we fall while on the move. For example, while walking in a slippery place, then accidentally slipped. A knee injury can be very painful and cause discomfort. Whenever you suffer from knee pain you need to call a knee specialist in los angeles so you could get help immediately. There are many types of knee pain but the most common is dislocation of the knee. This is a condition where the knee joint is out of position. This knee joint can rotate in part or out of its place completely. As a result, it can cause a deformed appearance in the knee and extreme pain. The dislocation of the knee causes the tendons to pull and tear, which eventually triggers dislocation and sprains at the same time. To heal, the dislocated knee must be returned to its original place. Usually, it takes about six weeks to recover from the dislocation of the knee.

Another common knee pain is sprained knees that can happen at any time and be experienced by anyone. This condition occurs when the knee is pulled and twisted out of optimal alignment. This can happen when we jump, land hard and rest on our knees. A dislocated knee causes the ligaments around the knee joint to stretch and hurt. Ligaments themselves are tissues that hold bones together. Characteristics are swelling, bruising, pain and stiffness in the knee. To overcome this problem, use ice cubes in the injured area for 10 minutes, rest and take painkillers.

If it was very painful you could be suffering from broken knee bones. Broken bones can occur anywhere, including in the knee. This is caused by falling, landing hard or impact causing a fracture in the knee, shin or femur. Knee bones are more severe and last longer for dislocations and dislocations. The characteristics of knee fractures are pain, swelling, bruising or pain. Besides, we will have difficulty bending the knee and pain when the injured area is touched. Healing is done by placing support or cast to keep the knee from moving until healed.