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Some Daily Habits That Make Back Pain

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The lifestyle of modern-day humans unknowingly greatly affects their bone health. Starting from a lot of sitting and rarely moving, to drroynissim.com/chiropractor-santa-monica/ the habit of looking down at the device. This can get you into serious trouble if you don’t immediately treat it to a chiropractor in santa monica. The following bad habits that lead to chronic back pain and are harmful to your bones.

1. Smoking
Smoking is a dangerous habit. However, aside from other health hazards, smoking can also cause back pain because nicotine interferes with normal blood flow around the spinal cord.

2. Circadian rhythm disorders (sleep patterns)
Researchers found that the condition of cells in the spine directly depends on how stable your day and night cycles are. When the circadian rhythm is disrupted (due to age, chronic insomnia, and night shifts), these cells begin to function poorly which leads to chronic inflammation.

3. Working while standing
We’ve all heard that sitting too much is dangerous. But it turns outstanding all day can be just as dangerous for your health.

The way you stand can have a big impact on the condition of your neck, spine, and shoulders. Incorrect posture can have dire consequences when related to the spinal cord, causing chronic pain and serious curvature.

To avoid bad posture, we need to stand up, sit down, and lie down in a way that has less pressure on our muscles and ligaments, which ‘grasps’ the spinal cord. Especially when moving and exercising.

4. Wearing the wrong shoes
Back pain can be caused by using uncomfortable shoes. Reduce tension in the feet by having quality shoes.

5. Lack of rest
It’s important to rest whenever you feel a slight discomfort in your back. If you have a little time, rest your body. Lie down and lift your legs.

6. Doing work that is not liked
Scientists in Australia have proven that back pain is widespread among people who are dissatisfied with their work. Often, the pain you experience is purely psychological.

7. Too much work that imposes mental
Sometimes, your brain works too hard for a long time, causing back pain. Try to think of something other than your work and problems. Give yourself time to rest by exercising or watching.