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There Are Ways To Deal With Fire Due To Oil And Oven

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Fires caused by oil should not be handled like handling fires. Rule No. 1: Don’t pour water on the fire. The best way to handle it is to weaken the fire and let it goes out. However, if you worry about the damage that the fire can cause, you can hire the best fire, smoke, and steam pro carpet cleaning company in your area.

You can try the steps below:

Every time you cook, provide gloves for the oven, a potholder, and a lid that fits the pan so you can immediately use it in case of fire.

If the oil in your pan grabs the flame, immediately put on oven gloves, then place the lid on the pan that fits right on it to extinguish the flame. Try to move the lid against the fire source while lowering the lid.

Turn off the stove and leave the pan in place while cooling it.

Don’t move the pan, never take it out or put it in the sink. And don’t lift the lid until it’s completely cold.

Fire in the kitchen can be caused by electrical appliances, especially the microwave. Here are some tips to help you know what to do if there is a fire with a cause like this:

Fire due to the oven. You must close the oven door and turn it off immediately. If the fire does not go out immediately, contact the fire department. Check the oven and fix it before you use it again.

Microwave fire. Close the microwavable door and keep it closed. Turn off the microwave and unplug the power if you can do it safely. Leave the door closed and do not use it again until you have been examined by a qualified technician.

Electricity fire. Prevent electrical fires by not using an electrical outlet in excess. If the fire starts, use a fire extinguisher; never flush it with water.
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