The Art Of Magic

Some people think magic is a lie and is related to black magic. Magicians say magic is art, the art of entertaining. Magic art is a mixture of various arts. There is acting, music, dance, tricks, and so on. Yes, the purpose of hiring a magician gold coast is to entertain. Same is the case with artists who play soap operas or films. They act (they act as if it happened), and sometimes we forget it’s just a movie. Sometimes the audience is carried away by the story of the film (join in sadness, crying, furious, angry, and hate antagonistic actors). Even though it was just a “farce”, not an actual event.

Once the hatred of the audience at the antagonist cast or the audience who thought the magician has extraordinary abilities even though only magic tricks is an indication of the success of the artist and magician. In a magic show, what you see is “fake” it’s just an illusion that looks like it’s reversing everything normal. What is impossible for ordinary people, magicians can do. That is the job of a magician, doing the impossible to entertain. For those of you who still think that magic is a real event and not a trick, you should read more or find out about magic.

If a magician can turn folded paper into money, how come a magician wants to appear on TV or is there a street magician who appears on the sidewalk for a little amount of money? Why didn’t he take the paper from the trash, then at home, folded up while mentioning the Abracadabra, the paper turned into money? Isn’t the magician’s goal to appear at product launches, reunions, weddings, birthdays, and so on to make money? That is why it is important to remember that the key in a magic show is to make you wonder how do they do all the tricks and get you to entertain with their skills.

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