What Is A Magnetic Refrigerator?

The magnetic refrigerator is a cooling technology using a magnetocaloric effect. The magnetocaloric effect is a magneto-thermodynamic phenomenon where a change in temperature in a particular material occurs due to it being exposed by changes in the value of the magnetic field. Simply stated, a material will increase in temperature if it is placed in a place that has a large increase in the magnetic field. Vice versa, the temperature of the material will also decrease if the strength of the magnetic field is lowered. Apart from that, if your cooling device is damaged, we suggest you hire the hvac Columbia SC to repair it for you.

But one thing to note is that both concepts must occur in an isolated container so that there is no absorption or heat release process, in this case, an adiabatic process. So that the increase or decrease in material temperature due to changes in the magnetic field occurs naturally.

Similar to a mechanical refrigerator, the magnetic refrigerator process also occurs cyclicly. In total there are four cycles in the magnetic refrigerator process: adiabatic magnetization, isomagnetic enthalpy transfer, adiabatic demagnetization, and isomagnetic entropic transfer.

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